Pallet Racking Damage Inspection
 Why regular pallet racking safety inspections are required.
Pallet Racking Inspection
Pallet Racking Inspection
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Why Pallet Racking Inspections can help you. 

As an independent pallet racking inspection company in sydney our inspectors are trained professionals who are required to adhere to the above safety standards. During your inspection one of our inspectors will draw up a layout of your facility. From this layout the inspector can add damage and other findings directly to the corresponding bays drafted in to our cad design at the click of a button, we can produce concise and standards-compliant reports with graphs showing high-risk areas throughout your facility with recommendations on how to bring you storage system back up to a safe working standard.
Pallet racking inspections . As a requirement of the A.S4084-12 , it is important that your steel storage system is regularly inspected for damage and other issues that could pose a hazard for your staff.

Many storage systems incur constant  impact damage. More often than not, staff are not trained to recognise what may be unsafe. Steel storage systems are designed to withstand massive loading and seismic forces, if damage is not repaired, one single damaged upright or operator misuse incident can threaten the structural integrity of the entire system, resulting in falling stock or even a racking collapse.
As a steel storage owner, you are required to perform regular pallet racking inspections of your steel storage system and rectify any damage deemed to fall within the amber or red risk categories as outlined in steel storage standards AS 4084-12. 
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